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Revitalise your mind, body and spirit with my massages.

My name is Owen Le Wing, I am a massage therapist.

My interest in the functioning of the human body grew after I learned from a massage teacher, that massage is a benefit for body and mind. First I started with the course relaxation massage. I took training courses at such places as : The Green Day, The Massage School, Center for SensoRhythmic Massage, Welness Academy Alternatieva, Sabai, and my Tera-Mai reach teacher. You can find more information about massage therapy on this site.

Since then I have followed several courses. The massage disciplines that I practice are : relaxation massage, traditional Thai massage, hot stone massage, therapeutic hot stone massage, ayurvedic massage, herbal stamp massage, lemniscate back massage, reiki treatment, meridian tap stimulation and Energetic Meridian massage.

Discover Reiki

A good massage is a benefit for body and mind. We increasingly experience the beneficial relaxation that a good massage brings and it is therefore good if you have sore and tense muscles, complaints related to tension or just busy or exciting in your life.

The energy flow is promoted so that tensions can be released and the body is re-energized. The waste is discharged faster. Different goals can be pursued.

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Promotion of blood circulation.

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Promotion of drainage of fluids and wastes.

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Overall or local relaxation.

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Overall or local stimulation / activation.

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Fighting tension 'muscle' fatigue, muscle hardening, muscle pain and muscle spasm.

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Removing blockages : mentally and physically, for a good energy flow.

Besides soothing music, I also burn a small fragrance for those who also like this.

When I massage I usually don't talk, but after the massage there is room to talk when we drink a glass of water together.

Every massage is different because you and I and the moment are never the same. Especially if you come more often the massage can unfold like a work of art, I never know in advance how the massage will be. It is like a gift to yourself, just to enjoy. Both physically and mentally the batteries are recharged. Allow yourself to be pampered and enjoy a massage treatment in which Eastern and Western massage techniques are combined and in which 'relaxation' is the key word.

I invite you to come and experience once what my massage does with you; my hands can tell more than words.

Owen Le Wing.

relaxation massage

Since man has been on earth, massage has been used to relieve pain. Not only physical, but also emotional pain.

The "relaxation massage" uses gentle massage techniques, effleurages, kneading and intuitively with warmth, allowing the body and mind to sink into a deep rest. By using a warm oil, the muscles are warmed and relaxed. Body and mind come to a level of total calm and perfect balance.

Whether you do it to pamper yourself or for the healing effects of the massage..... a relaxation massage is always beneficial.

You are completely covered with towels, in places where there is no massage. The room is pleasantly heated, there is soothing background music, subdued light. I give the massage on a firm, spacious massage table.

To best enjoy the massage, please note the following:
  • Make sure you do not arrive with a full stomach.
  • Try to make sure you get some rest right before the massage, so don't arrive in a hurry.
  • Make sure you are clean, i.e. take a shower or bath beforehand.
  • Make sure your cell phone is off!
  • Make sure that even after the massage, you do not do busy things.
  • Make sure you drink enough water (a number of glasses) after the massage to promote the removal of waste products.
  • Make sure you wear a slip and no shorts, this is not very useful for the massage.

After the massage you can relax a bit, get dressed and drink a glass of water to promote the removal of toxins. The relaxation massage takes about one hour.

Thai Traditional Massage

Traditional Thai massage is more than 2,500 years old. Originally Indian, it came to Thailand along with the Buddhist monks as part of traditional medicine.

What is Traditional Thai Massage?

Thai massage works on energy points and energy lines. which follow the energy as it flows through the body.

But instead of needles, the palms, fingers, thumbs, elbows and feet are used to achieve the same result. It is a complete body treatment, with acupressure, reflexology, yoga and the typical stretches and stretches. Thai Massage involves the use of pressure points. These pressure points are stimulated in Thai Massage. The points therefore receive less stress so that energy, can flow freely. The whole process is very rhythmic and meditative. It is a 'firm' massage, performed in loose, easy clothing on a mat that lies on the floor, with clothes on and without oil.

The body of the massaged is also brought into various yoga positions during a massage. That is why Thai massage is sometimes laughingly called 'yoga for lazy people'.

Thai massage relaxes, refreshes and makes you feel vital.

What effects does Thai Massage have on your body?

  • Improves blood circulation, blockages are avoided. (Ideal for people with heavy legs, and poor circulation)
  • Muscular system, reduces tension in the muscles. (Ideal for people who find it difficult to relax)
  • The nervous system, stimulates and increases activity. (Ideal for people who feel tired and a bit down)
  • Breathing, as the massage progresses, becomes deeper and calmer.
  • The digestive system, increases the function of the bowels. (People who are bored with a constipated feeling; the intestinal transit is activated)
  • The skin, circulation to the skin increases, the skin gets more oxygen and scars are reduced.


Treatment of the legs, arms, back side, back, shoulders and neck, facial massage (= full body treatment) (2 hours).

Treatment according to specific needs of the client (about 30 min).


Hot stone massage

A hot stone massage uses "hot stones".

Since time immemorial, stones have been used for a variety of purposes. In the past, stones were used for heating. First they were placed in the fire after which they were placed under a blanket or some skins to serve as heating. Through the natural influence of water, they were polished smooth over hundreds of years. They were specially selected for their healing and energetic qualities. These volcanic stones have a high density and a high iron and magnesium content. This allows the stones to retain heat longer and passes it on naturally to the body.

The effect is multi-faceted: it improves the muscles and bones, it soothes nerve pains and your hormones come into balance. Mind, soul and body are one.

First, the body is lubricated with warm herbal oil so that the stones glide well. Then warm stones are placed on a number of chakras of the body. The massage itself is an alternation of the "relaxation massage" and long gentle circular strokes with the warm stones.

Whether you do it simply to pamper yourself, or for the experience of the healing effects of hot stones ....... a hot stone massage is always an experience in itself. Hot stone massage has a detoxifying, draining and relaxing effect.

The hot stone massage is especially suitable for or at: Tension, Stress, Muscle problems and poor circulation.

This hotstone massage takes about an hour and a half.

Therapeutic hot stone massage.

This is a meridian massage on the points and lines of shiatsu massage and there are 12 common meridians :
Kidney - spleen - liver - small intestine - triple warmer - colon - lung - circulation - heart - bladder - gallbladder and stomach meridian.
On these lines blockages can occur which we remove with pointed hot stones.

How do we proceed?

First the complete meridian is smoothed with 2 hot stones from start to finish, without taking into account the direction of the flow of the meridian. Then the meridian is pressed with a hot point stone +/- 50° and then the meridian is stretched.

What can we treat for example ?

A treatment lasts approximately 1 hour and can treat :

  • stuck shoulder blade
  • stiff neck
  • fatigue
  • stress
  • headache
  • lower back pain and general back pain
  • tennis elbow
  • cold hands etc ...

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurveda is the traditional, natural medicine of India, which has been practiced for over 5,000 years. Ayurveda literally means "teachings of life". Learning/knowledge (veda) of life (ayur) in the broadest sense.

In Ayurveda, the emphasis is on preventing disease, rejuvenating the body and prolonging life. Ayurveda tries to teach people that by living a certain way of life you can not only prevent and alleviate or cure diseases, but at the same time you can gain a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. The result is that you live a long and healthy life in harmony from which you can make the most of.

Ayurveda uses nutrition, lifestyle, massages, herbs, yoga and meditation to bring people into balance and keep them there.

Ayurveda sees the body and mind as one. There is no mental health without physical health and vice versa. Thus, thoughts and feelings have equal value to symptoms of physical illness. Both are a result of imbalance in the person. In Ayurveda, therefore, the whole lifestyle is important.

Since every person is unique, the prescription for lifestyle should also be unique and fit the person. So to be healthy you should consume certain foods that are good for your body type. Your exercise should also be specifically suited to you. Your body type determines a lot: your physique, your personality and even how you interact with others.

Ayurvedic massage stimulates and strengthens our bodies on 2 levels :


With hot rubbing, heat is produced and blood circulation improves, the lymphatic system is also affected. Massage also has a purifying effect, by helping the organism to excrete toxins through urine, sweat and feces. It works like a rejuvenation cure, stimulating all the internal organs. It strengthens the body's energy.


Through the sense of touch, massage acts on the nervous system. In our stressful society, massage is an ideal means to relax and unwind.

Ayurvedic massage provides the following benefits:

  • Slows down the symptoms of aging
  • Takes away fatigue
  • Takes away excess air or gas
  • Alleviates ailments caused by excess air/gas and mucus
  • Improves vision
  • Strengthens the body
  • Extends life span
  • Promotes sleep and peaceful dreams
  • Firms the skin, improves color and texture
  • Provides resistance to imbalance and disease

During the massage we use oil to stimulate and regulate the blood vessels and lymphatic system. Essential oils are added if desired. The natural lines of the body are followed as much as possible during this massage. In this way the energy can flow freely through its channels and blockages are removed.

Herbal Stamp Massage

Herbal stamp massage is a relaxing and also purifying detoxifying massage with deacidifying properties. Our herbal stamps are composed of the following herbs :

  • passiflora incarnata (passion flower)
  • chamomile
  • lavender
  • lemon balm!

Herbs are healthy, they conjure up delicious flavors in our dishes and activate our metabolism.

Our skin is our largest organ, what with the right temperature, in the right fluidity and the right pressure is massaged into this skin, goes very deep into the underlying tissue and even into the organs. Each degree more than our body temperature, increases the metabolism by 15%.

The warmth of the herbal stamp activates the blood circulation. The blood vessels dilate, the skin becomes more intensely supplied with blood. Tense muscles often produce harmful end products of the metabolism which are removed faster by the heat.

Blockages are dissolved through energy points and new vital energy flows through the body. The spicy aroma is a gift to your mind and body. Time to dream away, relax and refuel with new energy. A herbal stamp massage takes about 1 hour.

Reiki treatment

For whom : for everyone. Universal energy flows within each of us. Universal life energy is the energy around us, everything that lives and grows needs this energy to live, grow and recover from illness. The word reiki is a Japanese term and means universal life energy. It is a system for channeling this subtle life energy.

The person giving reiki sends energy through their body and out of their hands to the patient. The energy goes to the places where it is needed and not just where the giver places his hands. This system is safe and is pure healing energy - reiki. If you are out of balance or tired, you are missing this life energy, you are missing reiki.

What happens during a reiki treatment ?

You are requested to lie down on the massage table in comfortable clothing, take off jewelry and shoes. If you feel cold, there is a blanket ready for you which gives you a safe feeling. During a treatment the hands are placed in a certain order on the body of the patient. Reiki flows through your clothes and lifts energetic blockages in the body and mind. Reiki helps to balance the energy system. After the treatment, it is advisable to drink plenty of water to get rid of the waste products from the body.